Available courses

This certificate course has been developed to provide students with specific training in using social media in marketing businesses, community organizations, and ministries. The video for this program was recorded before a live audience in Dallas and the event was hosted by Bakke Graduate University.
The audience for this course is quite diverse. The same principles that can help a university promote itself, are the same strategies a local for-profit business can use. They are the same strategies that can be implemented by community development organizations, churches and non-profits. In this seminar, Richard Nongard addresses a variety of business and ministry related concerns in social media – and uses many examples from his own success as a therapist who has used social media to build a private practice and training company. Creative adaptation of these ideas will help you to benefit for the opportunity social media bring to you and the organizations you work with no matter what the setting.

Bakke Graduate University’s speed reading course is an in-depth speed reading program that has the potential to dramatically increase both your reading and comprehension speed. This course goes beyond just increase your speed, however. In this online training program you will learn:

  • The most effective techniques taught by speed readers to help others increase reading speed.
  • The SQ3R method of increasing comprehension, because knowing what you read is as important as how fast you read.
  • You will learn strategies for writing winning book reports at any grade level.
  • You will learn eye exercises that can help you to increase your reading stamina.
  • Methods of reducing subvocalization – the number one factor that slows down our reading.
  • You will learn multiple methods and approaches, not just one proprietary system, helping you to find the approach that will work best for you.

Bakke Graduate University’s Transformational Leadership Certificate of Achievement will provide participants with specific training in transformational leadership. Not only will this class equip the participant with academic and practical skills necessary to achieve one’s greatest level of potential, but the materials will impact the individual as well as the lives of those around them. The elements of transformational leadership equate to successful transition, positive change, and dramatic outcomes. The ideas of TL are most helpful for leading organizations and making important changes in the world around us.

Bakke Graduate University’s Writing Well as Stewardship course is intended to help BGU students who need additional help with conveying their ideas effectively in writing. It covers organizing ideas; writing paragraphs, transitions, and sentences; spelling, grammar, and punctuation; and measuring readability.