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    Thank you for joining this course, Marketplace Ministry. This is an important study both for people in pastoral ministry (since they are empowering most of the people of God to live and work in the world Monday to Saturday as full-time servants of God in the workplace and home), but also for people whose primary arena of service is in a societal occupation.  For myself (Paul) this is heart-beat stuff. I have been teaching, modeling, writing and advocating on this for over fifty years. I have tried to implement this as a pastor, as a student counselor with IVCF, as a carpenter and business person (construction industry), as a theological professor and more recently as a self-employed consultant and seminar leader.

    What we are going to do in this course is to explore what is the meaning, motivation and practice of marketplace activity from God`s perspective drawing heavily on Scripture. Behind this it is the conviction that all of God`s people are engaged in “full-time ministry" and doing Kingdom of God work, not just pastors and missionaries. In this course we are considering “marketplace” in a broad way, yes primarily business and economic life, but in all kinds of enterprise and exchange, whether profitable or not-for-profit, including teaching, professions, the trades and homemaking.

  • Lesson 12: (Final Lesson) The Spirituality of Kingdom Work in the World

    Professor Paul Stevens

    This is our last week of formal learning together, though there will still be work to do! We bring this study to a conclusion with an emphasis on spirituality, something rarely connected with the rough and tough world of business. There is a complete online course on this entitled, “Taking Your Soul to Work.” In this session we are not repeating what is in that course but opening up the possibility that human enterprise is a place where we can worship God, know God and grow spiritually. Alan Richardson says, “The sense of futility and frustration in the heart of man, who wants to find blessing in his work but cannot achieve it by his own skill or strength, will perchance drive him to seek for the one who saves from sin and redeems the whole of human life, including the lives of men as workers, so that they are preserved from the wretchedness and destructiveness of so much of the work that is done by human hands.” (The Biblical Doctrine of Work, 27)

    Enjoy and grow!

    Honoring God through work as artists

    Note: Besides doing large sculptures Jaroslav Sickova (above) teaches therapeutic art in the university in Slovakia and did so as a Christian through the Communist period.


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