• How Sunday Viewers Become Doers: Mobilizing Christ-Followers

    Meet Larry Peabody, your Professor of Record!

    Dr. Larry Peabody has taught the Theology Of Work for the Bakke Graduate University since 2012. After planting a church, he served as its senior pastor for 21 years. His books include Serving Christ in the Workplace; Job-Shadowing Daniel: Walking the Talk at Work; and Curing Sunday Spectatoritis: From Passivity to Participation in Church. He and his wife, Sharon, reside in Lacey, WA.

  • Lesson 2: All-Believer Priesthood: What Hinders It?

    This week you’ll read Chapter Six from The Priesthood of All Believers, by Milt Rodriguez. Looking back to Exodus, Rodriquez asserts, “God’s original intention was that all of the children of Israel would be priests, not just a select few.” He closes his chapter by noting many of the reasons Christians today offer as to why they gather—none of which fit God’s intention for his Church.

    In both an article, “The Great Divide,” and a brief video, “The Sacred-Secular Divide,” Mark Greene identifies one of the main wrong ideas that keeps Christians today from practicing the priesthood of all believers.

    John Zens, puts his finger on another hindrance to an all-believer priesthood in his article, “The “‘Clergy/Laity’ Distinction: A Help or a Hindrance to the Body of Christ?” He offers eight practical steps church leaders can take to begin addressing this unbiblical distinction.

    Assignment: You will email five Christians (not on church payrolls), asking them to respond to this question: “When you hear the word ‘priest,’ what comes to mind?” After receiving their responses, you will write a two-paragraph summary of what you learn from what they said. Write your two-page journal entry.

Lesson 1: Priests: Who Are They? What Do They Do?Lesson 3: Equipping Believer-Priests to Serve the Gathered Church