• How Sunday Viewers Become Doers: Mobilizing Christ-Followers

    Meet Larry Peabody, your Professor of Record!

    Dr. Larry Peabody has taught the Theology Of Work for the Bakke Graduate University since 2012. After planting a church, he served as its senior pastor for 21 years. His books include Serving Christ in the Workplace; Job-Shadowing Daniel: Walking the Talk at Work; and Curing Sunday Spectatoritis: From Passivity to Participation in Church. He and his wife, Sharon, reside in Lacey, WA.

  • Lesson 3: Equipping Believer-Priests to Serve the Gathered Church

    Nita Kotigua serves as pastor of spiritual growth, connectedness, and prayer in the Westview Bible Church in Quebec, Canada. On Sundays, attendance averages about 450. You will read her role description, which differs dramatically from the usual job description for pastors. Next, you will watch a video in which Nita describes how she equips believer-priests to serve one another when they meet as a congregation.

    This week’s reading will involve a case study on how a pastor in New Hope Church handled the sendoff of a short-term mission team.

    Assignment: After reading the case study, you will write 1-page response describing the unspoken messages his actions sent both to the team and to the congregation and how the occasion might have been used to further all-believer priesthood. Write your two-page journal entry.

Lesson 2: All-Believer Priesthood: What Hinders It? Lesson 4: Equipping Believer-Priests to Serve the Scattered Church