• How Sunday Viewers Become Doers: Mobilizing Christ-Followers

    Meet Larry Peabody, your Professor of Record!

    Dr. Larry Peabody has taught the Theology Of Work for the Bakke Graduate University since 2012. After planting a church, he served as its senior pastor for 21 years. His books include Serving Christ in the Workplace; Job-Shadowing Daniel: Walking the Talk at Work; and Curing Sunday Spectatoritis: From Passivity to Participation in Church. He and his wife, Sharon, reside in Lacey, WA.

  • Lesson 4: Equipping Believer-Priests to Serve the Scattered Church

    Nearly every Sunday, those in Northwood Church, Maple Grove, Minnesota, hear what they call “FaithStories” from others in the congregation. This week, you will watch a video in which Brian Doten, who serves as Northwood’s pastor, explains why they put such an emphasis on these testimonies and how they help Christians prepare them.

    You will also read the FaithStory coaching guidelines used by Northwood church leaders. And you will listen to an audio recording in which Rachel Bichler presents her five-minute FaithStory.

    Assignment: With this Northwood Church experience as background, you will write your own plan for coaching Christians to share their Faith-Stories in your church during congregational meetings. Write your two-page journal entry.

Lesson 3: Equipping Believer-Priests to Serve the Gathered ChurchLesson 5: Transitioning Your Church to All-Believer Priesthood