Course Assignments

  1. Journal (One entry per lesson): Write a one or two sentence summary for each lecture followed by a brief reflection written in a way that develops practically what you are learning and hearing. The summary and reflection together should not exceed 100 words for each lecture.
  2. Book Report (Due by the end of the course): You are required to complete 1 book report from the Required Reading List.   Submit the book report in the assigned Drop Box found in the online classroom.  A book report should be 2 type-written pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pitch font, 500 word maximum.
  3. Course Project (Due by the end of the course): You are required to complete one of the following assignment options:

a)     A personal application: How has your own work life or business engagement been affected by engaging in this course? This can be a specific applicational assignment on how you will make a change in a specific area such as: employee relations, profit, work ethic (how or whether you “get into” your work), the product or result of your work (specifically how this is a concrete way of loving your neighbor), dealing with sin, either personal or systemic, in your workplace, how your work is a ministry, creativity and innovation in your work and workplace, the workplace as an organizational culture that can help or hinder (750 words).

b)     Response to “Why Work?”: An extended answer (drawing on Scripture and readings) to the question (750 words).

c)     Mentoring: Meet with one other person in which you communicate and engage that person on theology of work and the marketplace. Your paper reflecting on this (750 words) should indicate the issues, questions and themes that were covered as well as the responsiveness of the mentee.

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